Fairwork Nigeria Ratings 2022: Towards Equitable Work for All Platform Workers

Fairwork Nigeria Ratings 2022/23 - Cover

In Nigeria, there is a high level of precarity associated with both the earnings and social benefits of platform workers. While the platform economy offers many people jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities where they might have none—as well as a supplemental income to low-paid jobs— it does not always take them out of poverty.

Building on the Fairwork Observatory report on ride-hailing platforms in Nigeria between 2021 and 2022, this year represents the first comprehensive Fairwork Nigeria report, in which we evaluate eight platforms against the Fairwork principles to understand how platform work is experienced in Nigeria. The platforms included are: Bolt, Bolt Foods, Glovo, Gokada, Jumia Foods, Kwik, Lagos Ride (LagRide), and Uber.

With Glovo scoring 4 out of ten, and the remaining platforms scoring 0, there is an urgent need to galvanise stakeholders to lobby relevant institutions towards enacting policies that hold platforms accountable towards the improvement of platform work in Nigeria.

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