Fairwork Paraguay Ratings 2022: Labour Standards in the Platform Economy

Fairwork Paraguay 2022 report cover

The platform economy in Paraguay is an undeniable reality. As such, it demands study and analysis to improve the lives of its workers. This report constitutes the first round of Fairwork ratings in Paraguay.

Fairwork is an international action research project that evaluates working conditions in the platform economy in more than 30 countries. Digital labour platforms are scored against five principles of fair work: Fair Pay, Fair Conditions, Fair Contract, Fair Management and Fair Representation. For each principle, platforms can score up to two points, if there is sufficient evidence that platforms meet all the relevant thresholds.

For this report, we evaluated six ride-hailing and delivery platforms operating in Paraguay: Bolt, Uber, inDriver, Muv, PedidosYa and Monchis. The resulting very low scores highlight that much remains to be done to guarantee basic labour standards for platform workers in Paraguay. Out of the six studied platforms, only two platforms, MUV and PedidosYa, were able to score any points. These two platforms lead the first Fairwork ranking for Paraguay with a score of two and one point respectively. In light of these results, platforms need to take active measures to ensure that their workers are granted basic labour rights.

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