Fairwork Tanzania Ratings 2023: Towards Improving Platform Work in Tanzania

Fairwork_Tanzania_Report_2023 cover page

This second Fairwork Tanzania report evaluates the working conditions and labour practices of 13 platforms operating within the Tanzanian platform economy. These platforms encompass various sectors, with 11 in the ride-hailing industry, one in food delivery, and one specialising in artisan services for home and office repair service needs such as fixing doors, air conditioners and other electrical works.

These platforms have been assessed against the five principles of Fairwork – fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation — with each given a fairness rating out of ten. Paisha and Zanzicab lead the table with two points each, with the other ten platforms not providing sufficient evidence to achieve any points. As per our methodology, we only give points to platforms when they provide verifiable evidence that they satisfy the principle.

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