Fairwork 2022 Translation & Transcription Platform Ratings

Fairwork 2022 Translation & Transcription Platform Report

The Fairwork 2022 Translation and Transcription Report assesses and scores basic standards of fairness in working arrangements on online remote translation and transcription platforms. We evaluate nine platforms according to the five Fairwork principles — fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation – and assign each platform a score out of ten points.

The study finds substantial differences in working conditions across the nine evaluated platforms, which are also reflected in the scores. Two platforms, Translated and TranscribeMe, stood out in this year’s rating with 8 and 7 points respectively. These platforms could evidence that they safeguard basic labour standards with regard to fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts and fair management. Far behind these two companies on top of the ranking, the third position was shared between the translation platforms Gengo and Lionbridge with 2 points each, which could only evidence that they meet basic labour standards in relation to two Fairwork principles. Just one point was awarded the transcription platform Scribie for evidencing basic standards of fair management. Four platforms bottomed the ranking with 0 points, indicating that there was insufficient evidence that these platforms ensure any basic labour standards for workers. 

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