Fairwork UK Ratings 2023: A Call for Transparency

Fairwork UK report 2023 cover page

As the cost of daily essentials has risen and in-place hospitality has reopened, consumer demand for platform-mediated services like food delivery or ride-hailing has fallen. How are platforms responding to this shift and where does it leave platform workers?

The third Fairwork UK report evaluates working conditions at 12 of the most popular digital labour platforms in the country – Amazon Flex, Bolt, Deliveroo, Free Now, Getir, Gorillas, Just Eat, Ola, Pedal Me, Stuart, Task Rabbit, and Uber – to find out.

The report ranks platforms against five principles of fair work, giving each company a score out of ten. Pedal Me topped the ranking with a score of 8 out of 10, followed by Getir (7) and Stuart (5). The study found that most other companies, such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber, could not prove they meet basic standards of fair work – such as ensuring all workers earn above the national minimum wage. However, through dialogue with Fairwork, some platforms like Stuart or Getir have made changes to their policies and practices that will improve conditions for workers. 

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