Fairwork Vietnam Ratings 2023: Labour Standards in the Platform Economy

Vietnam 23 - Report Cover

In this year’s inaugural scoring round for Vietnam, the Fairwork Vietnam team rated nine platforms across six of Vietnam’s most dominant digital labour platform companies. Of these, five are food delivery services, three are ride-hailing services, and one provides domestic services: Baemin, BeBike, BeFood, bTaskee, GoFood, GoRide, GrabBike, GrabFood, and ShopeeFood.

The report provides the first comprehensive baseline assessment of working conditions in the sector, assessing platforms against Fairwork’s five principles of fair work. While some good practices were identified, the researchers did not find sufficient evidence to award points to any of the platforms.

Nevertheless, Fairwork Vietnam encourages platforms, policymakers, and unions to build on the existing good practices as a way to begin moving towards ensuring decent work for all in Vietnam’s platform economy.

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