Unions & Workers' Associations

Workers in the platform economy are increasingly organising through unions and associations, to defend their rights and engage in collective bargaining with platforms.

This public directory aims to help workers connect with local organisations that can provide them with support and resources. It includes registered unions and worker-led membership associations that represent the interests of gig workers or online workers in different sectors and locations.

We hope the directory will also help draw attention to the valuable work undertaken by these organisations by providing a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the emerging organising forces within the platform economy.

Fairwork engages with several of these groups across the different countries we operate in, but is not affiliated with any particular union, workers’ association, or advocacy group. More information in our FAQ.

We are working on expanding the list to more countries and sectors. If you know of an organisation that should be listed in our directory, please contact us on this form or at