Bosnia and Herzegovina

The platform economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is in the early-stage of development with the presence of international and local digital platforms as well as national companies operating in the sector.

The first Fairwork report for BiH presents a set of ratings of working conditions for the following digital platforms:, Glovo, Korpa, mojTaxi, Š, StudenTime, Žuti Taxi, and

A first look at the working conditions on platforms in BiH reveals that there is room for improvement, while an in-depth study of the situation shows that the joint action of various actors on the labour market is needed to achieve fairer working conditions.

We hope that through the assessment of working conditions on digital platforms, we will contribute to the achievement of fairer standards in the platform economy in BiH. We also hope that through research we will show that a different platform economy is possible and that by ensuring fairer working conditions, the same business results can be achieved without the need to lead workers into precarity.

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