Scores (out of 10)


Fair management:

In consultation with the Fairwork Egypt team, two platforms (FilKhedma and Orcas) have implemented an anti-discrimination policy. However, only FilKhedma was able to score a point for ensuring equity in the management process, as it takes meaningful steps to be inclusive of women. Orcas was unable to score the point since there was no evidence presented of steps taken for inclusivity, in addition to lack of an appeals process.


Fair contracts: 

As for the data management policy, after discussions with the Fairwork Egypt team, the company has agreed to implement a data management policy that satisfies the requirements for point 2.1. FilKhedma’s data management policy will follow the guidelines set forth by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Fairwork Egypt

In January 2021, the size of the Egyptian labour market was recorded at 29.3 million people out of a total population of 101.5 million people— the largest population in North Africa. The conditions of the gig economy in Egypt, therefore, have the potential of impacting millions of lives. There are no official statistics on the size of the gig economy in Egypt, but the number of workers who rely on digital platforms for income has been on the rise in Egypt in recent years. The active number of Uber drivers alone was recorded at 90,000 in 2019.

This is the first Fairwork report for Egypt. The report covers seven digital labour platforms spanning four different sectors: ride-hailing, courier-delivery, tutoring, and home services. In a country dominated by informality, digital labour platforms present unique and flexible opportunities for workers to earn an income in Egypt. Nevertheless, there are issues with the gig work model. The report assesses seven digital labour platforms against five principles of fairness—fair pay, fair conditions, fair contract, fair management, and fair representation—giving each platform a fairness rating out of ten.


Webinar: Fairwork Egypt Ratings 2021 Report Launch