Glovo ( Kenya )

Icon for Fair Pay

Principle 1: Fair Pay


Guarantees workers earn at least a local living wage after costs (one additional point)

Icon for Fair Representation

Principle 5: Fair Representation


Assures freedom of association and the expression of collective worker voice (one point)


Supports democratic governance (one additional point)



The Fairwork Scoring System entails that each Fairwork Principle is divided into two thresholds. Accordingly, for each Principle, the scoring system allows one ‘basic point’ to be awarded corresponding to the first threshold, and an additional ‘advanced point’ to be awarded corresponding to the second threshold. The advanced point under each Principle can only be awarded if the basic point for that Principle has been awarded. The thresholds specify the evidence required for a platform to receive a given point.

Platforms are only awarded a point when there is evidence to show that the platform fulfils the threshold set in a Principle. As such, a null score means either there was no verifiable evidence to award a point or the platform failed to fulfil the given threshold. A platform can therefore receive a maximum Fairwork Score of ten points. Fairwork scores are updated on a yearly basis.

Find out more about the principles used to calculate this score.


Glovo showed that the lowest earning workers earned above the minimum wage after costs and wait time for hours worked


A range of safety and insurance measures to protect workers from task specific risks


Specific income protection measures in place


Contract accessible, and governed by local law. Workers were informed of changes in advance


Contract free of unfair terms


Evidence of communications channels and disciplinary due process


Evidence of anti-discrimination and inclusivity policies